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Microsoft Zune – Portable Media Player

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These days it seems that every electronics manufacturer is offering a portable media player of some kind. Of course, the more popular units are the iPod made by Apple. But one of the things that the iPod lacks is the connectivity offered by the extensive suite of Microsoft software and hardware products. That is where […]

Speedo Aquabeat 1GB Waterproof MP3 Player

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Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to listen to your favorite tunes while swimming laps or perhaps while relaxing in your pool? Do you want to be able to bring music with you while you canoe or how about when you take a dip in the ocean? If you’ve thought about […]

MP4 Players vs MP3 Players


There is a lot of talk going on about what the difference is between MP4 players and MP3 players. They do a lot of the same things, but there are a few things that are much different about them. First of all, if all you want to do is listen to music then you are […]

New Apple iPod Nano – HOT Pink


Apple iTunes Tagging. The new-fashioned way to discover music. You’re listening to the radio and you hear a song you like, but when you go to Apple iTunes, you can’t remember the name or even who sings it. Enter iTunes Tagging. Now, you can use the Click Wheel on Apple iPod Nano to tag the […]