Creative ZEN Vision 30GB Multi-Media Player

Even someone who is “all thumbs” can manage to interface with the controls on a Creative ZEN Vision 30GB Multi-Media Player. That is because each ZEN has a thumb scroller interface. Now, it might take a short time to for a ZEN owner to make a habit of using his or her thumbs in place of the more favored fingers. Still, once a ZEN owner has acquired that new habit, then he or she can carry around a great sounding device, as well as a device with a bright and colorful screen. All of those fantastic features have been packed into a great pocket sized gadget.

Creative ZEN Vision 30gb

Creative, the company that develops sound hardware and software of recognized quality, now provides music lovers with the chance to purchase a great sounding player. Yet the fantastic sound that comes from the Creative ZEN Vision 30GB Multi-Media Player represents only one of the numerous noteworthy features on that Player. The owner of a ZEN Vision Player can store tens of thousands of photos on that hand held device. The owner of a ZEN player who does not have tens of thousands of sortable photos can look forward to viewing up to 120 hours of video, or listening to up to 15,000 songs.

Now no knowledgeable consumer would refute the need for good storage capacity on a media player. Still, no player owner wants to feel as though he or she can listen to a song or view a video only once. A player that has a poor battery life can force the player owner to forego the enjoyment of audio and video playbacks. The ZEN promises 14 hours of audio playback and four hours of video playback.

By the way, the owner of a Creative ZEN player has good reason to watch any video again and again. The screen on a ZEN produces bright and beautiful pictures. The owner of a ZEN can not help but be impressed by the range of colors that come through on the video screen. Can that screen be customized? Can it be given wallpaper that calls attention to the creativity of the Player owner? Yes, the owner of a ZEN can have a customized screen. The owner of a ZEN can also customize the organization of the audio, photo and video folders.

Creative ZEN Vision Silicone Skin

In the past, mention of “folders” called up visions of a large, cumbersome filing cabinet. The ZEN Media Player, however, is a pocket sized device. It weighs a mere 5.7 ounces. Still the lightness of the ZEN Media Player should not be viewed as evidence of limitations, i.e. a limit on the length of time that the Player owner can enjoy any stored pictures, audio or video. The ZEN contains a built-in, rechargeable lithium ion battery. Thus a reviewer of the ZEN would have only one word of warning for the buyer of a ZEN Media Player: Do not loose track of your white adapter. Why would a caring reviewer issue that warning? Because the loss of that white adapter means the absence of the ability of the Player owner to charge up his or her Creative ZEN.

Overlooking that one small foible, the ZEN Media Player deserves to rank as one of the top portable audio devices. Moreover, you do not need to be nimble fingered, in order to interface with the controls on a ZEN Player.