Experience Quality And Clarity With MP4 Format

On one side the machines are getting advanced day by day and on the other side the data files are being modified too. The new data file extensions are a way to minimize large amount of information into small spaces giving more room to all sorts of data files. At first we had different file extensions for video and audio files but mp4 extension solved this segregation. Now mp4 format is being used in all kinds of electronic gadgets supporting audio and video display compressing the file letting it take less space in your hard drive and allowing more wiggle room to more mp4 extension files.

iLuv i1255 iPod Dock Station

iLuv i1255 iPod Dock Station

When digital audio and video was new to the market, file extensions for both of them were different that took more space in a hard drive. Later when gadgets became smaller and storage space became larger, the need was felt to minimize the storage space of files especially digital audio and digital video without compromising their quality. That is when mp4 format kicked in allowing audio and video files to be played with this single format which compresses each file leaving extra space rather than taking it. The mp4 format is similar to Apple’s QuickTime format which supports multimedia files. The only difference between QuickTime and MP4 format is that MP4 format supports QuickTime as well as MPEG file extensions.

As mp4 file extensions take less space in your storage capacity, therefore people felt the urge to convert other file extensions like mp3, AVI, WMV, RM, WAV, MPEG and other digital audio and video file formats into mp4. That is when multiple converter software for mp4 formats was in demand and being downloaded frequently. Apart of their compressing quality, mp4 format files are now being supported by every new electronic gadgets and cell phones in the shops including iPod, Sony Ericsson, Sony Walkman, Wii, Samsung SGH ULTRA Series, iPhone, Blackberry, Xbox 360, Nokia N series, Play Station 3, Zune and many more. The softwares that already support mp4 formats are winamp, iTunes, jetAudio, Media Player Classic, Real Plyaer, QuickTime, VLC Media Player, Zune Marketplace, Nero Burning ROM, 3ivx and some others.

The softwares listed above can be used to play digital audio and digital video files if they are already in mp4 format but what about those files those are in some different file extensions. Well converter softwares are the answer to your question. These softwares convert absolutely any file extensions into mp4 format without compromising their quality and making sure the files take less space than before. Now with the help of these converter softwares like MP4 Converter, Xilisoft, etc which is easily available on the internet converting any kind of file extensions proficiently into mp4 formats for all sorts of gadgets and cell phones. For your convenience these softwares are available for trial versions and then later can be purchased if they fulfill your requirement as mp4 converter software.

Search for a converter software for mp4 format now and enjoy digital audio and video with less storage space and great quality. Once tried these softwares you would not switch back to old file extensions as audio and video clarity is everything that matters these days. Other then all advantages of mp4 format some of the disadvantages of this file extension still stands including piracy and licensing problems that are now greater in mp4 than mp3 due to their recognition. Observation also tells that the file size of mp4 is small but still it somehow takes more time to download even using a broadband connection.


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  1. HalF
    Posted November 8, 2008 at 1:31 am |

    ahhm I have this problem with my mp4 not playing videos… what would be the best file extension for this? I tried others but my mp4 wont read it… I tried avi it did play but with no video just sound… pls tell me what best file extension is for my mp4, by the way it’s brand is “Onida”.
    – †HALF†